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Fees and Commissions

Fees and Commissions

At Bycryp we don’t charge commissions for buying and selling within our platform. Users can store the cryptocurrencies in their Bycryp wallet and move them freely to other users’ wallets at no cost.

When cryptocurrency transactions are carried out with non-Bycryp wallets, there are commissions that have to do with network transactions or with the miners’ fees. In these cases the commissions are:

  • 0.5% per deposit.
  • 1% for withdrawal.


In some cases, commissions imposed by network transactions may have a minimum value. This information will always be visible at the time of the transaction.

When using the “Exchange” the commissions can vary depending on the chosen cryptocurrencies and also the changes in the market. The value of the commission will always be shown at the time of selecting the cryptocurrencies and the amount to be exchanged.


Bycryp does not charge any fees for sales made or for the publication of ads.

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